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Annual Meeting

At the annual meeting of Linz economists, Karl Lehner, chief executive officer of the Upper Austrian Health and Hospital Public Holding Company, presented some ideas to utilize synergies and overcome avoidable expenditure in the inpatient and outpatient sector.

alex_schlierbachAlso Alexander Ahammer (picture), member of this laboratory, presented his current work about prescription behavior of general practioniers. In this joint work with Ivan Zilic, they try to find out, which financial incentives and channels are shaping the prescription style.

Continuing Excellent Research

On August 26, 2016 the evaluation event of the Christian Doppler (CD) laboratory “Aging, Health and the Labor Market” took place as part of the two-year evaluation in the Science Park of the JKU. The aim of the event was to critically examine the scientific work of the laboratory. Based on the evaluation results, the committee of the CD-society decided the extension of the CD Laboratory.

Initially, Gerald Pruckner and Rudolf Winter Ebmer (Photo) presented an overview of the research focus of the past funding period and the plans for the next five years. Afterwards, each of the four young researchers, who are affiliated with the laboratory, presented one of its projects of the last two years.

Under this link you can find past and current work of the laboratory members and affiliates.

After a brief discussion of the visiting representatives of the senate announced that a recommendation for the continued existence is pronounced. With official decision of the CD-society the CD Lab is extended for at least another three years.