Many countries are experiencing a significant shift in the age structure of their populations due to longer life expectancy and lower birth rates. This development presents an enormous challenge to public policy as well as firm personnel policies and will change the way we live and work. In this context, the Aging and Labor Market Module conducts research in three areas:

Aging and firm policies

Increasing the labor market participation of older workers is on the political agenda of many countries, as population aging puts pressures on the sustainability of public expenditures. We are interested in how this development affects firm policies in terms of personnel issues, health projects and continuing education.


Aging, retirement and structural change in the labor market

This section is concerned with general aspects of aging and effects on labor markets and the retirement/social security system. Topics are determinants of unemployment and retirement and how labor market policies affect transitions to a different labor market status.

Labor markets and health

A recurring theme in the CD Laboratory is a better understanding of the determinants of health. In this research area we consider the interrelation between labor markets and health with a strong focus on elderly workers. Aside from the individual, this question is also important for employers and the social system.